Get users to take a paid package.

Convince a friend, colleague or business to take one of our paid monthly packages and you can get a percentage each month for as long as they continue the subscription.

Become a StoreStash Reseller.

Let us know who you referred via email or phone and if we can successfully verify with them that you got them to take a monthly paid package, we will contact you regarding your commission.

Earn money monthly when it suits you.

Earn 50% of the value of each paid subscription you get. More signups will net you a higher percentage per package via our StoreStash re-seller program.  

If you have any questions about the reseller program, email us at

What is the StoreStash Reseller Program?


StoreStash wants to reward those who want to help grow our local business community and we believe that its only fair that we should profit together. The StoreStash Reseller Program gives you or your company the opportunity to make some extra money simply by convincing a friend,colleague, business or charity to take one of our monthly paid subscriptions. In doing so you will not only be helping that business by getting them on the StoreStash platform but you will also be assisting the growth of local South African small businesses.

How it Works

StoreStash is a great tool for any business or individual professional looking to tap into the world of eCommerce and online marketing. A user can register their business, upload products to their store and start selling right away, so they don't have to spend a fortune on designing a website or struggle to use some template editing software. They also benefit from being part of the StoreStash marketplace and business directory giving them free advertising to our large user-base. This and our range of other features make StoreStash ideal for new or small businesses looking to create an online presence quickly and affordably.

How do I get involved?


Step 1 -  Convince someone to sign up for one of our paid monthly packages and ask them to keep you in mind so we can confirm with them that you were the one who provided the referral. A good way to do this is to ask them to include your name in the "Notes" section when they pay for their subscription online. If you are a business you may want to purchase the package on their behalf and invoice them separately. Either way make sure you have the permission, name and contact details of the representative you convince to take a paid subscription. 

Step 2 - Notify us via phone or email once your contact has successfully purchased one of our paid packages so we can begin the verification process. We will then contact the individual/business that you referred and confirm with them. If you purchased a package on behalf of an individual/business then we will verify with you and not the end user. Please make sure that you provide us with the details of the relevant contact person per subscription. Once we have verified that you convinced the customer in question, we will send you a copy of our re-seller agreement and once filled in and returned, we will pay the the relevant percentage to you. Please note this agreement is only valid for as long as the customer you referred continues to pay their subscription.

Step 3 - Profit! You will earn 50% of the monthly cost of each paid package you sell for as long as the end user continues to pay for the subscription. For example if you convince someone to take our R299 package, you will receive R149 per month for the duration of the agreement. After a few verified sales you may also get the opportunity to become one of our official resellers, which will earn you some extra rewards such as social media features, free advertising or StoreStash vouchers.

Tips on How to Get Users

Here's a few tips on how you can maximize the numbers of users you get per month: